The Power of Documentary Film

I believe good documentaries harness the potent power of storytelling to give us a deeper understanding into what it is to be human.

They can offer insights into new Worlds and inform us on social issues that we didn't know existed, in the process helping generate empathy to counter uninformed disconnect and prompt action where it is needed most.

Since taking a documentary filmmaking module in 2014 I've been hooked and I hope to develop my storytelling skills to one day make films that can touch people like those I love have touched me.

Hitting The High Notes

A short doc that gives us a glimpse of my grandmother's fantastic review group!

The Pursuit of Perfection 


Is a short I shot out in Stockholm with First Expeditions. It gives an insight into the world of athletic fitness athlete Ramsay Kinghorn 

A Long Voyage

Is the first ever short doc I made

It tells the heartwarming story of how my grandparents met

A Model World 

Unpacks the allure of the model railway hobby

On a Roll 

Asks what makes freestyle skaters like Emmanuele 

Tunnel Vision 

Offers an insight into graffiti culture 


Find more docs as I make and post them on my