How Did I Get Here? #1 - Meet Jamie Sparks the Entrepreneurial Adventurer


It's my pleasure and delight to bring to you all the inaugural episode of 'How Did I Get Here?'

A show that allows you soak up the collective wisdom, life experience and stellar mindsets of the top performers and incredibly interesting people that I manage to coax into an extended and informal conversation!

This episode sees me jump at the spare hour I had with 6 Guinness World Record holding adventurer, Jamie Sparks. My aim was to try and decipher from the 24 years he's been on this planet exactly what it is that's made him who he is today.

Many many more wonderful interviews to come so watch this space and I hope you enjoy listening!

Intro music by Angus Miller and Lowercase Noises

From A to Bul. A mini adventure stretching from London to Istanbul

It was April Easter holiday from uni 2015. I had a week off to study etc, I chose etc.

A I got into myhead that it’d be a good idea to try and hitch to Istanbul- I’d never been there. 

Journeys like this are of course enjoyable but I feel they’re always better when shared with an old amigo- a motley crew member was recruited;


ME   -“Hey Ed you gotta free week? 

ED   Yeah what you got in mind?

ME-Fancy hitching to Istanbul?!


MEGreat! Get the bus down tomorrow and we’ll hitch out of London and away - it’ll be a breeze!



So the merry Yorkshireman made his way down south form the mighty North and I scoped the best hitching spots surrounding Central London.  


A location on the outskirts of London was selected using HitchWiki (yes a Wiki exists for more or less everything) and on Ed’s arrival we gave it a bash, for several hours, to no avail. This is when I found out that a megabus to Brussels only cost £15 and left that night. The hitch had begun (and technically ended) 


We had a few consolatory lagers as we nursed our wounds on the train back to mine to watch Star Wars and regain our strength for the outbound journey later that evening. This plan was temporarily thwarted however when I realised in the hast to hitch I’d locked myself out. 


10mins of head scratching and lager refuelling later, a convenient window was found to be open on the first floor (thanks greg) and a break (back) in was made. Star Wars was watched and much fun was had. The clock struck 9 and off to Victoria coach station we went. 


Memory fails me now but some sort of journey juice was concocted in excitement of the adventure aheadand it was consumed jubilantly on the back seat of the musty automobile until the wobbling of the ferry halted our pursuits. I vaguely remember waking up in Brussels but I only really came to when I saw a motorway sign fly by reading 30km to Cologne. Cologne it was then I muttered. Having wound up in cologne on a hitch to Berlin the year before I was aware it had a very good chocolate factory to offer but not much hope in the way of hitching onwards. On arrival I discussed options with my colleague and it was quickly decided that a short bus to Frankfurt would be our best option. Then we would start hitching. Promise.



We finally left our little bus in a car park in the middle nowhere and walked yet further into the unknown, following semi-understandable advice from our driver that a petrol station where we could perhaps get a ride was on the ‘autobahn’ on the other side of the woods that skirted the town. Laden like pack horses with completely superfluous joke goods like an inflatable 

beach football and a tent with noooooo poles we strode into the bush. 


After half an hour of walking and seeing wild deer and the like we were still feeling jubilant and so stopped for a spot of lunch in a field from which we could just make out the hum of the motorway. I then discovered the robot toilet which self span and cleaned it’s bum piece - it blew my mind.


We reached the petrol station in the early afternoon and proceeded to take it turns guarding the bags and pestering the customers for lifts. Relatively quickly one of Ed’s advances proved fruitful and through non-existent German on both sides, we found ourselves in the company of half of a pair of Romanian businessman who had driven just the previous night all the way from Romania to Amsterdam to buy a white van for their hotel laundry services company. 28 hours without sleep later they were now driving it back, one in their car and one in the van and we loaded our bags into the car and hopped in with the initial pretence that they could only take us as far as Nuremberg. 


The miles rolled on and broken conversation jaggedly flowed until they had sussed that we weren’t completely nut jobs and offered to take us all the way to Budapest as it was more or less on the route home! Flattered by the offer but worried by our driver’s drowsy tone we accepted and force bought strong coffees for them at the next service station. 


We then drove through the night and the kind gents dropped us off half an hour out of their way at Budapest airport where we wished him all the best with not falling asleep at the wheel on the final XX hour leg of his colossal laundry fueled journey. Being a schmedic Ed only had a week off whereas I had a luxurious 2 so we concluded it’d be fun to do something other than sit in a car for his holiday and hopped on a train into the city. 


We then proceeded to have A LOT of fun in the cobble stone metropolis, proving the old adage that it does indeed all end in beers.


Weary after a couple of days of sightseeing & culture, it was time for Sir Hart to leave me Hans Solo as he had to fly back to the rolling hills of Yorkshire and revise for his coming exams. Being a semi-art student student (I studied arts AND sciences I’ll have you know), I didn’t see the same beckoning call to arms that the lit fires of Gondor’s library was inevitably putting out, so our journey together came to an end to follow our now diverging missions. 


You can see the video of our antics on my Youtube here:

The true cost of your clothes choice


an eye opening doc from Andrew Morgan and his team on the effect the fashion industry is having on both international development and environmental sustainability


Check it out before you next go for a shop

Yeah I'm yet to start this blogging lark

“You can fix anything but a blank page.”
― Nora Roberts

Yeah all right Nora ease off! 

Besides I doubt the internet and other modern day distractions were about when your name was made up, and furthermore I bet you don't even know what a blog is! 

I will write eventually...When I think I've got something worth shouting about 

For the moment a link to a geezer having a moan about the definition and connotations of being 'a jack of all trades' will have to suffice.

I feel like I owe old David the air time as I nicked his picture for my home page before I changed and I didn't exactly have permission to use it.